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Lauren's DAN! Journal



July 23, 2002 

Today, we have another phone consultation with Dr. N. The primary purpose of this meeting is to go over the results of Lauren?s "big" lab work-up, the ION profile?a nutritional profile. We have received Lauren?s test results in the mail, which is a book almost a quarter inch thick and is too scientific to make an ounce of sense to me.

We had faxed the doctor all of the information sheets he requests before a meeting, so he has all our questions, Lauren?s changes in behavior, and her current supplement regimen in front of him.

Since our last appointment with Dr. N., we have purchased and begun giving Lauren the new supplements he ordered. We are in our second week of giving Lauren the B12 shots. We hired a nurse to administer them. (We aren?t just wimps. We also knew we would need at least 2 adults to hold her down for the procedure, and we wanted someone who knew what they were doing, so as to get the needle "in and out" as quickly as possible.) The shots themselves seem relatively painless, which should be the case because we put an anaesthetic cream on the shot site before giving it to her.

Lauren?s behavior has overall improved over the past two weeks?one to two weeks after adding the new supplements. The timing of the improvement correlates with the B12 shots; however, positive effects from the other supplements may just be kicking in. Improvements include increased attentiveness, interest and possibly in speech comprehension. Lauren?s looking at picture books a lot, playing games, such as catch and echoing sounds back and forth with a play partner, and seems more obedient to our verbal redirection. Upset/aggressive behavior has decreased. The only negative report we make is that Lauren is extremely constipated. Her average BM occurs every 5 days, with her sometimes going as long as 8 days without one. (That explains any and all of her "angry" moments.)

Dr. N. reviews the ION profile results with us, explaining what all of the graphs and "highs" and "lows" mean. He explains that it takes an understanding of the individual?s challenges and needs to assess what nutritional changes need to be made, according to this profile. (It also takes an understanding of the terminology. The profile would be useless to Craig or me without Dr. N. interpreting.) The lab that did the profile also provides a formula for the ideal amino acid make-up to correct Lauren?s imbalances. Dr. N. makes some changes to this formula, as the formula doesn?t take into account any information not provided by her urine and blood, such as her gluten-free diet and impending mercury detoxification process. We will fax this new formula to the company that makes the amino acid supplement and they will ship Lauren?s personalized amino acid formula to us.

Lauren is getting too many transfatty acids, according to this test. Dr. N. explains that transfatty acids make membranes stiff and hinder nerve transmission, so we should decrease hydrogenated oils. Lauren needs all the nerve transmission help she can get, so we vow to improve that part of her diet. However, the only hydrogenated oils in her diet come from fast food, as we don?t allow it as an ingredient in our cupboards. We?ll be doing a lot less takeout. L

Dr. N. takes Lauren off Lauricidin, as it tends to cause constipation. He prescribes a laxative and reminds us that Lauren needs to be having a daily BM to detox. (That seems like an impossibility right now, Lauren is so disenchanted with the bathroom.)

Dr. N. says we?ll retest Lauren with the ION profile in 6 months (January), after she has been on a supplementation program long enough for some positive changes. I hope that by then she is having daily BM?s and that Dr. N. will tell us her digestive tract is ready for us to start mercury chelation.