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In 1995, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) began Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!), a forum for researchers and practitioners to come together, compare notes about physiological treatments that have proven successful for people with autism, and to develop a protocol for treatment. This protocol addresses the unique history and symptoms of the individual and advises testing according to this specific information. There are DAN! practitioners throughout the United States and in Europe. ARI keeps an updated list by state on their website. There have been many DAN! conferences and meetings to continually update and investigate the newest in treatment options. In 2001, DAN! participants met specifically to discuss mercury detoxification, as the evidence for mercury poisoning as a cause of autism has grown rapidly within the last few years. The DAN! protocol has been updated regularly and is available from ARI in a published, manual form.

The Silvernail family?s current "autism adventure" is the DAN! protocol. Lauren has seen a DAN! doctor. Her history has been examined and she has been undergoing testing. All of the therapies and diagnoses presented in the "Alternative Medicine, Diet and Sleep" chapter of Dancing in Cornmeal played a big part in Lauren?s DAN! doctor understanding what problems plague her. Her successes with diet restriction and supplementation point to problems that hopefully can be solved. Rather than continuing to deny Lauren foods, her family hopes to heal the digestive problems that are making these foods intolerable to her. They are also going to pursue mercury detoxification, as a list of symptoms of mercury poisoning looks like a description of Lauren?s behavior.

As Lauren progresses through the DAN! protocol (as it pertains to her) you will be able to find out on this web page how she is doing. This may be a first?being able to follow a child through a therapy without knowing the results. This will provide you the opportunity to have unbiased information at your fingertips about one person?s success or failure with the protocol. However, always remember what is said many times in Dancing in Cornmeal. Each person with autism is unique. Lauren?s experience with the DAN! protocol may be extremely different from what another person would experience. The DAN! protocol?s remarkableness is its unique and thorough approach to each individual. Having said this, hopefully sharing Lauren?s experience will aid other families in their decision-making.

Click on the date of the journal entry (to the right) that you desire to read. The first entry gives introductory information about how the DAN! protocol specifically applies to Lauren. Knowing this information is important to your understanding more recent journal entries.

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