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Lauren's DAN! Journal

DeLee E. from Georgia writes:

I have known the author and her family well for years, but while reading this book I gained a new level of understanding about and a greater appreciation for the challenges, complications, and frustrations of daily life that confront a family living with autism. As I laughed, cried, and prayed my way through this book, I developed an even deeper admiration for this particular family in their determination to live life with joy in the midst of difficulty. Though I have loved Lauren (the author's child with autism) a long time, now I feel like I know Lauren better. Dancing in Cornmeal does not simply cause one to feel sympathy for those who are touched by autism, but it encourages, inspires, and gives hope that life with autism does not simply have to be endured, but it can be embraced.

This book is very straightforward and easy to read. There is much medical and diet information that is directed at parents who are learning about autism (and will obviously interest them most); but if that doesn't apply to or interest you, don't let those chapters stop you from delighting in the other sections of the book. This author has the wonderful ability give examples, put forth clear explanations, and paint "word pictures" to help the reader grasp a theory, understand a process, "feel" an emotion, or even consider a possible perspective of a child with autism.

This book is for anyone who has a child with autism, who knows someone with autism, or who has a child that faces challenges "outside the norm" in any realm. The author has great insight and wisdom to offer parents of all children. This family's perseverance, love, and joy are evident as one reads about their continuing efforts to draw Lauren out of the world of autism and into their world. The secret of how they find joy in little things and have hope in the midst of hardship is revealed as the reader discovers the Silvernails' eternal perspective on life, recognizing that this is not "all there is." It will inspire and bless you.