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Life With Autism

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Lauren's DAN! Journal

Sheila T. from New York writes:

Dancing in Cornmeal is the perfect title for this book. It not only describes the poignant incident in the Empathy chapter of the book, but is analogous to the whole experience of dealing with autism. When the cornmeal is deep on the floor, you can't move your feet to dance, and when it's just a light coating, your feet slide out from under you. You can't win for losing. And yet, the Silvernails still dance.

This book, by all accounts, is a book about autism. The subtitle is Life with Autism; the author is the mother of a nine-year-old daughter who has autism; the author has done extensive research in the field of autism; the clinical information and resources are serious and extensive, and unquestionably, anyone?doctors, therapists, parents, family and friends?with any connection to autism at all would find the book invaluable. But that's not all. I wish I could have read this book before I raised my [typical] children. The author's hard-won insights into children's thinking (children with or without autism), the clever solutions she devises to deal with difficult situations, and the humor she uses to cope with impossible situations are tools every parent can use.

I loved this book. I think it will appeal to anyone with a heart. The author's stories of her family's day-to-day life as they lovingly try to bring Lauren into their world made me laugh and cry.

If you are a parent, you can find ideas in this book for raising your own "typical" children. If you are a teacher, you can find insights to help you in the classroom. If you are a professional dealing with autism, you will find yourself recommending this book to parents. If you are connected with autism in any way, this book will give you a new understanding of those with autism, and those who love them. If you are the parent of a child with autism, you really cannot do without this book. In addition to the insights, the information, the ideas, the resources, and the compassion, you will get encouragement and inspiration from someone who's been there.